Overview of the program

• Would you like a reduction in the number of traffic incidents involving your company cars?

• Would you like a reduction in the insurance premiums paid by your company for the car fleet?

• Would you like a reduction in the level of pollution caused by the vehicles used by your company?

• Would you like an increase in the level of road education of your company’s employees?

• Would you like never to say “if only I had learned this at the driving school”? in unforseen situations in traffic?

If your answer is yes to at least one of the questions above, then you definitely want to participate in a Defensive Driving Program!

It is increasingly clear: driving has become one of the most hazardous activities we do daily. Hence the growing number of road incidents.

Speed, lack of attention, time pressure or fatigue, not to mention the dynamic performance of modern cars, plus the external factors that characterize traffic (heavy traffic, lack of discipline, ignoring traffic rules, etc) have the effect of increasing the risk of accidents.

The Defensive Driving Program is recommended to individual users and to companies as it draws attention to car and human limits, both being of utmost importance in accurately predicting or managing potentially risky situations.

The way the driver and the car interfere has a decisive role in ensuring a safe journey in a traffic becoming more and more crowded and chaotic.

THE BENEFITS of the Defensive Driving program are:

• Decreasing the ownership costs of vehicles and reducing pollution levels
The degree of pollution in large cities and the fact that you have to cover short distances in a period of time longer than the normal average imposes a more economical use of vehicles. Therefore we must manage to move efficiently in the crowd with as little fuel as possible. A further benefit of this way of driving a car is reducing the mechanical wear of the main parts: engine, gear box, transmission, brake system.

• Increasing the level of road education of your company’s employees
By road education we understand not only knowledge of road regulations and legislation. This is knowledge acquired at accredited driving schools, necessary in getting the driving licence. But traffic education should not stop here. We must learn more and understand why it is absolutely necessary to respect road signs, which are the consequences of our actions in traffic, which is the incidence of incorrect knowledge of traffic rules and regulations in developing a road event with unpleasant consequences and the list could go on.

• Improving the safety level of both car passengers and pedestrians, but also of other road users
Car technology has improved, whether we are talking about pollution levels, dynamic performance or safety. The results of the impact tests organized by authorities like EuroNCAP have already signalled reaching a maximum regarding passenger safety in case of collision. For this reason, development in this direction will focus more on refining the solutions with a role in prevention rather than inventing new ones dedicated to the protection of passengers after impact.