Features and Benefits

95% of your company’s drivers drive defensively and do not get involved in traffic incidents
5% have a high potential risk and they are the ones who would cause future damage

We can tell who are the 5% and what they should do to reduce potential risk.


– Reducing the number of traffic incidents,
– Lowering repair costs,
– Lowering insurance costs,
– Lowering costs incurred by having your car kept in service,

And these are just some of the direct costs.

Also think about costs induced by:
– Loss of a client / of a contract / of sales
– Missing a meeting,
– Costs of employee injured in the accident,
– Employment and training costs to replace a driver
– Cost of replacing damaged vehicle,
– Depreciation of the damaged and repaired vehicle,
– Negative publicity, etc.

All this can be avoided or much reduced with an investment equivalent to the price of a bicycle tire!